Alden 9220P Grabit® Bulb Ease-out Broken Light Bulb Remover with Candelabra Extractor 3 Piece Set

$ 10.99 $ 15.99

Replacing broken light bulbs used to be dangerous and difficult. Now with the Grabit® Bulb Ease-Out series you can quickly and safely remove broken lamps while eliminating frustration and reducing risk of electrical shock.

The Grabit® Bulb Ease-Out 3 piece kit comes with everything you need to remove both damaged standard bulb bases and candelabra bases. The standard bulb base extractor comes with a safety shield to help prevent broken glass from falling into the eyes and face. Perfect for the handyman's toolkit, the tool is re-usable for multiple removals.

Product Includes:

  • Grabit® Bulb Ease-Out Standard and Candelabra Bulb Extractors with Standard Shield
  • Operating Instructions
  • Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

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