How to Use?

Operating Instructions (Downloadable Format)

  1. Insert Grabit® Pro directly into drill or quick-change chuck with burnishing end showing
  2. Set drill for reverse (counterclockwise).
  3. Place burnishing end of tool into damaged screw, slowly clean inside screw head until smooth (forming a cone).

 Note: Burnishing tool end is not to be used to drill a hole.


  1. Remove burnishing end from chuck, flip tool, replace into drill chuck- Remover end now showing.
  2. Maintain reverse setting (counterclockwise).
  3. Place Remover end of tool into now smooth screw head.
  4. Apply firm downward pressure, drill at slow speed. Apply lowest level of power to the hand drill.
  5. Remover end of Grabit® Pro will thread into screw head and remove.


The Grabit® Pro Damaged Screw Remover is reusable. Clean chips off toll and lubricate with oil after use.


Always wear safety glasses when operating or near power tools. Cutting tools may shatter when broken.

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