Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty Statement


All Grabit® Pro, Grabit® Micro, Grabit® Drill-Out and Grabit® Select Series manufactured by Alden, are guaranteed by a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for life. 

We will replace, without cost to our customers, any item manufactured by Alden found to be defective as a result of defective material or workmanship that is still owned by the original purchaser. We will not, however, replace any item which is not properly used, abused or subject to any use other than that which was originally intended.  In no event shall liability under this warranty exceed the original purchase price and we cannot accept liability for problems caused to materials as a result of a defective part.

Single Step Warranty Replacement

To obtain a replacement for your broken or damaged bit please send us your broken part(s) in an envelope with your return address. Do NOT send the entire kit, simply just the broken bit to:

Alden Corporation
251 Munson Rd
Suite B
PO Box 6262
Wolcott, CT 06716 [USA]
RE: Broken Tool - Rallo Warranty Approved 

Please be sure to include ONLY the worn tool in your envelope (we recommend a small padded envelope to ensure the bit remains inside while going through USPS machinery) along with your name and address and the words "Rallo Warranty Approved"!  We ask that you send us the worn part so our engineers can observe why the part failed, and we'll send you a new piece fresh off the line (the same model you sent us). We will mail you a brand new replacement tool immediately upon receipt and we'll pay for the postage for the returned new piece. Please allow 2-3 weeks for warranty replacement.

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